A Mining Tradition

2022 Mining Executive Cruise

The past few years have been crazy for mining.

What better way to relax than with an all expenses paid fireworks gala cruise. ABH takes care of the ship, the food and drinks, and the entertainment.

No speeches, no salespeople.

Just a chance to unwind with friends you may not have seen in a while.

ABH has become the third largest mineral process engineering group in

Western Canada and we wanted to say thank you.



The definition of luxury.

Come join us on the MV Harbour Princess for an exceptional blend of business and pleasure.

Room for 275 guests, food and drink services,

and the string quartet.


The impact of being under fireworks while on the ocean must be experienced to be understood.

Lights in the sky reflected on the water, and all set to music.



Dress code is formal.

Tux if you have one, tie if you don't.


Mostly local CEOs, but also a few executives

from Toronto, New York, Australia, and Europe.



Event is invite only, but we don't know everyone.

If we missed you, feel free to reach out to

Brent Hilscher on LinkedIn.

RSVP to rsvp@abhengineeringinc.com.