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The ABH Engineering Inc. team has extensive experience in assessing the natural resources needed for today's society.

From preliminary economic assessments and feasibility studies through to development, optimization, and operations, we can unlock the potential value in your deposit. Every project has its unique challenges, and we strive to advise clients appropriately at every stage of their project.


Our experience in metals and minerals help our clients mine smarter. Using the most up-to-date geostatistical and resource estimation modeling software and techniques, we produce auditable mineral resource models meeting best-practice international reporting standards such as the JORC Code, NI 43-101, and S-K 1300.

Geological services include:

  • Property Assessments

Mineral Exploration Planning and Execution: ABH Engineering provides expert advice on exploration strategy and programs, including quantitative analysis of exploration effectiveness. We also prepare technical reviews and valuations of exploration properties.

  • Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEA)

Is a study that includes an economic analysis of the potential viability of mineral resources taken at an early stage of the project.

  • Pre-feasibility Studies (PFS)

Is an economic analysis of the viability of a mining project; however, it is more precise and contains more detailed information than a PEA. Employment of project-specific metrics is what sets them apart from PEA’s, which are generally based on industry standards rather than derived from detailed site-specific data.

  • Feasibility Studies (FS)

Is a comprehensive study of a mineral deposit in which all geological, engineering, legal, operating, economic, social, environmental, and other relevant factors are considered in sufficient detail that it could reasonably serve as the basis for a final decision by a financial institution to finance the development of the deposit for mineral production.

  • Trade-Off Studies

Trade-off studies assess major changes in geology, mining, processing or infrastructure. These can be done at any level of study but are most common at PEA and PFS levels. NPV or IRR are the factors to be optimized, cut-off grade, mining method, CAPEX, OPEX, recovery, throughput, and others are variables to be considered.

  • Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) Program Reviews

Procedures to ensure compliance with international reporting codes. Practical recommendations for the QA/QC procedure – from sampling to analytical studies and data processing.

  • 3D VR Geological Modeling

Using the latest in modeling software we can take our 3D geological model and create a VR experience. Required viewing equipment can also be provided.

  • Resource Modeling and Estimation

Resource estimation includes the selection of the optimal block model and grade interpolation parameters, model validation, and resource categorization. The preparation of the report is carried out by international reporting codes (JORC or NI 43 -101).

  • Geometallurgy

ABH can create some of the world’s most detailed geometalurgical models, including hardness, recovery, NSR, and other basic metrics. We also include sensor-based ore sorting predictions for variation of grade, mass, recovery, and work index, as they change in a non linier fashion, due to grade and zone dependent impact of ore sorting.

  • JORC Code, NI 43-101, S-K 1300

ABH Engineering focuses exclusively on NI 43 -101, JORC, and S-K 1300 compliant reports. Our clients and their projects are global.

Our geologists are experts in database integrity, QA/QC methods, geological interpretation, resource modeling, grade estimation, resource classification, and reporting standards, including JORC Code,

NI 43 -101, and S-K 1300. We draw on our global experience in metallic and non-metallic minerals to deliver an effective technical and economic assessment.

It all adds up to the most robust assays, samples, interpretations, models, estimates, and geological models available.

Our geologists produce and review geological models and resource estimates for all commodities and deposit types. We will advance your project from first-time exploration through the feasibility study stage and into production. 

Tailoring our process to your project, we take advantage of our strengths in structural and ore deposit geology, geostatistical theory, resource estimation, and operational mining.

Our geologists are skilled in using all major geological modeling and geostatistical software packages. Our experts are Competent or Qualified Persons as defined by internationally accepted resource reporting codes. All experts have over 30 years experience.

ABH Engineering Inc. puts your business requirements and needs first. We provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to your projects and ensure you are cared for with the best services.


Starting a new project? Reach out and ask how our expertise translates into project excellence for your asset.

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